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1. Bistro meze

1290 RSD
Pork and beef prosciutto, ventricina, beefsteak, smoked cheese, dehydrated mozzarella, parmesan, goat cheese, olives

2. Cheese selection

950 RSD
Parmesan, smoked cheese, goat cheese, gorgonzola, brie cheese, caper, olives

3. Tartar beefsteak

1420 RSD
Toast, butter, beefsteak

4. Olives

250 RSD

5. Burata on the arm

1290 RSD
With a home fist

6. Bruschette di Carne

650 RSD
Pork shoulder in spices, chicken pâté, peppermint ham, beefsteak with gorgonzola

7. Bruschette di Verdura

650 RSD
Cream with mushrooms and goat cheese, truffle cream and parmesan cream, cheese cheese and sweet blueberry, halum sauce on the rukola and dressing from blue cheese

8. Bruschetti with rikota mus

650 RSD
Dehydrated cherries and parmesan

9. Bruschette with homemade fist

650 RSD
And smoked salmon

Main Dishes

1. Slightly baked pork neck

830 RSD
On a carrot rice

2. BBQ rib

850 RSD
On young potatoes and salads

3. Ramstek

850 RSD
With herbs on a white risotto

4. Cracked ramstek

950 RSD
On potato puree

5. Beefsteak on the grill

1490 RSD
Optional additions on request

6. Beefsteak

1690 RSD
In spice herbs (Optional additions on request)

7. Rolled chicken

1685 RSD
With a baby spinach, a muscular maskarpone in the bark of the speake (additions as desired)

8. Tagliata beefsteak

1590 RSD
With homemade pasta and rocket

9. Beef

1100 RSD
With crispy vegetables (zucchini, carrots, peppers, champignons)

10. Marinated turkey

790 RSD
On milks with Parmesan

1. Bistro Sneck

690 RSD
Tortilla, chicken, mix of lettuce, tomatoes, smoked cheese, pancetta, dressing, French fries

2. BBQ sandwich

990 RSD
With a beefsteak and french fries

3. June burger

850 RSD
Spaghetti, cedar cream, dressing, pickles salad, rocket tomato, onion, pancetta, French fries

4. Chicken burger

690 RSD
Chicken, dressing, cedar cream, rocket, tomato, onion, smoked cheese, French fries

5. Cuban sandwich

590 RSD
Hamburger, onion, azzberg, rukola, tomato, sour cucumber, French fries

1. Chicken soup

200 RSD
With homemade dumplings

2. Veal soup

280 RSD

3. Pot

200 RSD
With vegetables

1. Salad with grilled halum

690 RSD
Lettuce, salad, pickles, cherry tomatoes

2. Salad with salmon

890 RSD

3. Salad with garbage in black sesame

690 RSD
Iceberg, green salad, rocket, cherry tomato

4. Salad with turkey and pickled mozzarella

990 RSD
Iceberg, green salad, rocket, cherry tomato

5. Steak salad

990 RSD
Iceberg, green salad, rocket, cherry tomato, gorgonzola

6. Caesar salad

690 RSD
Chicken, mix of lettuce, caesar dressing, dehydrated bacon, croutons, parmesan

1. Vitamin salad

390 RSD

2. Shopska salad

390 RSD

3. Mix green lettuce

390 RSD

4. Seasonal salad

250 RSD

5. Rucola Cherry Parmesan

390 RSD
Roquefort, Cherry tomato, Parmesan cheese

1. Pasta with spinach

690 RSD
In tomato cream with grilled noodles of bifteka

2. Pasta Siciliana

690 RSD
Chicken, dried tomato, rocket, garlic, parmesan, peperoncino

3. Gnocchi

790 RSD
With spines and turkey

4. Pasta prosciutto truffle

850 RSD
Prosciutto, truffle, butter, Parmesan

5. Torteline

985 RSD
Stuffed with beefsteak and mushrooms (mushrooms, fennel, porcini, parmesan)

6. Green tortillons

690 RSD
Stuffed with ham and cheese in cream from Parmesan

7. Black ravioli

690 RSD
Stuffed with hake and bechamel with gambori

8. Black risotto

790 RSD
With squid

9. Risotto

990 RSD
With gambhoris and saffron

10. Risotto with beefsteak and mushrooms

990 RSD
Beefsteak, cloves, mussels, mushrooms, parmesan

11. Rice with chicken and vegetables

690 RSD
Chicken, zucchini, mushrooms, carrots, parmesan

1. Salmon on pea purée

1250 RSD
File salmon, risotto, butter, pumpkin, parmesan

2. Foam smudge

890 RSD
Squid, shrimp, barred potatoes

3. Frigate squid

890 RSD
Squid, three types of corn flour, dressing, mix of lettuce

4. Grilled squid

990 RSD
On a red risotto


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